Analyzing people, situations, objects, representing them, putting all this down, I look for something that I find attractive - that attracts my eye, my sensitivity. That is enough to start something. All I do is to try to improve it, through layers, taking what is beautiful and uglifying it, taking what is ugly and beautifying it - until it reaches my representation, my window on the world. When it satisfies my ego and my sense of aesthetic, I stop.
three men admiring something 200x150 cmman walking in the sea 130x175 cmwhite woman with a red chair 150x150 cmit's about time you changed 200x150 cmwoman with two hands and a vagina 150x150 cmwoman with a fancy handbag 150x150 cmtwo men on the beach 200x150cm

Something Good

at: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS 2013, Vienna
screening at Wild Horses Studiogallery, KulturAXE ]
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