I’ve been painting for a few months now, and its obvious the progress is going well. I’ve already evolved quite a bit.

I’m now at a stage where perhaps I need to structure things a little more. For one thing, I’ve just received this paper allowing me to make much larger paintings. For the moment I’m imagining something around 1 by 1.5 or 1.5 by 2 or 1.5 by 1.20. Either way, these are already somewhat large paintings.

I just said “perhaps” because, I could very well just go on painting sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger and evolving the way I’ve been doing. So, kind of regularly. the size difference will necessarily involve quite some changes. At least that’s what I imagine.

The other idea, would be to make some kind of plan. The plan can involve subject as well as style. Both areas in which I’m not in a clearly defined mode. For the moment, I’ve just been painting the way I feel, the stuff I feel. Trusting only in my taste and my attraction to certain things for both style and subjects. I could say, that I’m constantly refining my style along with my selection of photos I make or pick as basis for the paintings.

Should I just keep going? Or should I set things in advance?

And in the latter case, should I set from the same area I’ve been working on up until now, or should I pick a different theme? Even though this theme could be viewed and interpreted in the same way as what I’ve been doing until now.

What could this be?

Well, i would just think of stories and try and put together painting ideas of the subjects or images that excite me the most, in such and such story. I had already done this for the film project mood board, but maybe there are some other areas worth exploring, or not.

Let’s give it a shot…

Okay, I’ve just had a look at the drawings I made for the mood board, and yes, it totally works. At least, how should I say? I can very well imagine making these same drawings in paintings, the only hard ones to imagine are the ones with the frog, the dabchick and the worm. The killer isn’t easy either. Of course, its not very “serious” there’s quite a lot of humor, and weather or not that’s good is hard to tell.

There’s another point I should emphasize: I shouldn’t worry about the paper and the paint and the work involved. Nothing stops me from trying to do that project – for instance – and also keep painting other things, such as naked girls! or the say it in a little more evolved way, depict things related to sexuality or the lack of it. Basically, I seem to be interested in sexuality, nudity, but also, the more mysterious and poetical stuff. Nature also, but again, with something almost mystical about it. I’m looking for something special in someone’s look, someone’s eyes, their posture, a kind of beauty that’s beyond simple beauty, it could be ugly also, as long as one sees something touching eternity. In french, I would be tempted to use the word “l’ivresse”.

One thing seems somewhat clear, is that I’ll need a video projector to enlarge drawings or elements of drawings. The little squares seems like a lot of trouble for something lacking life, as far as the execution is concerned.